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  • Staff Applications: OPEN
  • Bans issued on or after 01 Oct 19 may only be appealed if made in error
  • Bug reports are to be lodged in game via /bugreport
  • IC - Applications for Honours & Awards are open
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  • Status Tracking

    New Application  - New application pending Community Leader review

    Info Required  - Refer to comments made on what info is required. 7 days deadline applies.

    Shortlisted  - Application passed initial screening, pending interview assignment.

    Assigned Interview  - Applicant to complete interview by the assigned deadline, usually 7 days.

    Pending Approval  - Interview completed/exempt, Staff to discuss suitability of the candidate.

    Approved  - Applicant to be assigned access to Verified Menu/assigned Beta Tester.

    Rejected  - Applicant to observe the comments in the correspondence.

    Deferred  - Application deferred pending observation or vacancy.


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