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  • Staff Applications: OPEN
  • Bans issued on or after 01 Oct 19 may only be appealed if made in error
  • Bug reports are to be lodged in game via /bugreport
  • IC - Applications for Honours & Awards are open
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    1. Community Rules

      The most fundamental part of FDG that defines who we are today. Players are expected to be aware and comply with our rules at all times.
    2. [OOC] Player Complaints & [IC] Government Agency Complaints
      To report cases of rulebreaking. Please follow the Complaint Guidelines when filing a complaint.
      In-Character government agency complaints can be found here as well (IC Rules Apply).
    3. Administrative Appeals

      To file an appeal for an administrative action. Please follow the Appeal Guidelines before filing.
      If you were banned on or after 01 Oct 19, you may only file an appeal if you were incorrectly issued a punishment.
    4. Staff & Bullying/Harassment Complaints

      To report cases of rulebreaking against a member of the Staff/Development Team, or to file a private complaint against a fellow player.
      Please follow the Complaint Guidelines when filing a complaint.
    5. Staff Applications

      Simply drop down your details within to let us know you're interested in joining the staff team!
      We are currently recruiting new Staff
      We are not looking for new Developers at this stage
    6. Staff Assistance & Compensation Claims

      To seek compensations or other supports due to server-sided issues.
      All bug reports are to be logged in-game via /bugreport
    7. Server Suggestions

      To suggest a feature or to suggest a change/removal of our server features
    8. Contact Us

      Can't find what you need above? File a support ticket and we will see what we can do for you
    9. Beta Tester / Content Creator / Verified Menu Applications

      Application to become a FDG FiveM Beta Tester, to enrol in our Content Creator program or to be granted additional options within your page up menu to enhance your roleplay experience. Options include:
      • Forcing Individuals into Boot
      • Ability to spawn objects (props)
      • Change Peds
    10. Release Notes

      Stay up to date with our latest development updates here

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