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  • Player Complaints

    To report cases of rulebreaking. Please follow the Complaint Guidelines when filing a complaint.

    In-Character Complaints such as Police Complaints made be found below as well (IC Rules Apply).

    File a Complaint

    Administrative Appeals

    To file an appeal for an administrative action, be it warn, kick or ban. Please follow the Appeal Guidelines when filing an appeal.


    File an Appeal

    Staff & Harassment Complaints

    To report cases of rulebreaking against a member of Staff or Development Team, or to file a private bullying & harassment complaint against a fellow player. Please follow the Complaint Guidelines when filing a complaint.

    File a Complaint
  • Staff Applications

    To apply for a trial position in the FDG Staff Team. Please follow the Staff Application Guidelines when filing an application.

    File an Application

    Bug Reports & Compensations

    To report server script bugs and seek compensations due to server sided issues. Please follow the Bug Report Template when filing a report.

    Log an Issue

    Release Notes

    Stay up to date with our latest development updates here


    LSLA Development Updates
  • LSLA Development Roadmap

    To take a sneak peek at our future development projects before others (Patreon only benefit)

    Check Out Our Planned Features

    Contact Us

    To file a support ticket on the website

    Lodge a Ticket

    Server Suggestions

    To suggest a feature or to suggest a change/removal of our server features

    Suggest a feature

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