• Player Complaints

    To report cases of rulebreaking. Please follow the Complaint Guidelines when filing a complaint.

    In-Character Government Complaints made be found below as well (IC Rules Apply).

    File a Complaint

    Administrative Appeals

    To file an appeal for an administrative action. Please follow the Appeal Guidelines before filing.

    You may only file an appeal if you were incorrectly issued a punishment.

    File an Appeal

    Staff & Harassment Complaints

    To report cases of rulebreaking against a member of Staff Team, or to file a private against a fellow player.

    Please follow the Complaint Guidelines when filing a complaint.

    File a Complaint
  • Staff Applications

    To apply for a trial position in the FDG Staff Team. Please follow the Guidelines when filing an application.

    Staff Applications are currently CLOSED

    File an Application

    Compensations Claim

    To seek compensations due to server sided issues. Please follow the Template when filing a report.

    All bug reports are now to be logged in game

    Log an Issue

    Release Notes

    Stay up to date with our latest development updates here


    LSLA Development Updates
  • LSLA Development Roadmap

    To take a sneak peek at our coming projects before others (Patreon only)

    Check Out Our Planned Features

    Contact Us

    To file a support ticket on the website

    Lodge a Ticket

    Server Suggestions

    To suggest a feature or to suggest a change/removal of our server features

    Suggest a feature