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Good evening,


can you please supply proof and correct photos of our current LSPD to back your claims?


i would also like to advise that the LSPD will be seeking a lawyer and government to investigate your claims and defamation of the LSPD name. 

Even thou your opinion is entitled, your lacking of proof, incorrect photos of perhaps a different LSPD doesn’t show good proof of your opinion,


Please provide dates, names & further information backing your claims 


I’ve had an officer research the names also, 



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Good afternoon 

I would like to start off by introducing myself to yourself @Peter Parker I am the CEO of LSC and I don’t think we have meet before please correct me if we have. I would like to have a chat about this report that you have made and for some reason said a advertisement with my companies LSC Logo with it, I would like the reason for that.

I would like to start off with the report you have made about the PD and this is not a LSC problem and I am not to sure why you have brought my companies logo and business into this report and advertising “Tune up your car to outrun the cops”, I have already looked on my roster and I do not see your name in my books. You have not contacted me about using my Logo in a report or anything. So if you would like to stop using my Business Logo and saying stupid advertisements like the above that would be appreciated. 

I am sorry for any officer that has taken this the wrong way with my business and I’m a sure you this will not be a advertisement ever again. 

Kind Regards 

CEO Liam Johnson 

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Good Afternoon,

I am not here to defend the content of this article, but however, seek to clarify a statement made by @Azzah.
As an ex-freelance journalist who has posted upon the Weazel News Website before, I feel I must provide clarification into the advertisement for LSC that was posted alongside this article.
Said advertisement is an automatic feature that is added upon an articles creation (unto which prior CEO authorized it, I am unsure.) Said advertisement has also been on many articles from the past, including my own. Mr Parker has simply chosen to not remove said advertisement. I personally do not believe Mr Parker has intended any ill harm towards LSC or those who work there.

I would ask that you attempt to create an article yourself and note that the automatic advertisement is indeed there, alongside another one for the Vanilla Unicorn (It show's the age. I haven't seen the VU open in ages!)

In regards to the statement made by Mr Parker about members of the LSPD, I do not agree. As stated previously, my reply was for the purpose of clarifying the advert. I would suggest speaking to the people who run said Weazel News Website to have it removed as I can see why it would be detrimental to your business, however, that is up to you.

Kind regards,
David McAuliffe
Ex-Freelance Journalist

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While the content of the article had since been taken down by the author, the Government seeks to clarify that no Royal Commissions have been initiated upon the LSPD. We will work closely with the LSPD to investigate the alleged ‘Independent Commission’ that was mentioned by this article.

Kind regards,


IM Smart

Spokesperson for Department of Justice

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