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Gang Name: The Stooges

Gang Leader: Aarush Rachit (998077)

Gang Lead Discord: Orange Juice#2176


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Gang Members:

- Aarush Rachit (orangejuice - 8949)

- Jack Butch  (silencemate -13595)

- Brain Stewart (jsw - 7835)

-Bush Tucker (Tweaks - 13052)





OOOG/Triple OG - The OOOG is the Chairman of the Executive committee and also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Gang. All matters between the Gang and any outside organization, business or other persons are brought to the OOOG for him to take action on. If the OOOG is not available to attend a Gang meeting, the OOOG (Second in charge) shall serve as the Chairman. The OOOG does not make motions or second any motions and he can only vote on actions where he would make a tie vote or break a tie vote. The OOOG acts as a personal representative of the Gang and is able to judge items that are not in the Gangs rules. He is a liaison between other Gangs, public relations and law enforcement. He represents the Gang in any business contracts and promotes the Gang life among members and family members.

OOG/Double OG - The OOG (Second in charge) supervises plans for Gang events and coordinates the committees. He also relays information between the OOOG and the Members of the Gang. Any questions, comments or concerns of other committee members are brought to the OOG attention. The OOG is the second in command underneath the OOOG and he assumes all the duties of the OOOG in his absence.

5 Star/OGThe 5 star makes certain to uphold all the laws and rules of the Gang. He ensures that all the events are up to scratch and that none of the member stuff around. If he sees any member acting in a way not supported by the Gang, he reports it to the committee (OOG, OOOG). The 5 Star is in charge to strip colours from members (1 star/Soldiers)  who are removed from the gang by retiring, resigning or being impeached or expelled. The 5 Star defends and Protects the Gang members and Soldiers and is directly responsible for their security and safety. He keeps records of data that relates to the Gangs security. If he sees any type of threat or perceived threat to the Gang in any manner, he will bring it to the attention of the OG’s for appropriate actions to be voted on. The 5 Star keeps the Gans firearms and weapons in safekeeping.

4 StarThe 4 Star is responsible for keeping all of the Gang records, written reports and correspondence between outside organizations. He calls role at the committee meetings and takes notes on each meeting. He is also responsible to notify any members of special meeting times and dates other than the normally scheduled meetings. The Secretary is in charge of telling any members of an election or appointment if it was made while they were not present at a meeting. He maintains the constitution of the Gang noting any changes to it and handles all written Gang correspondence.

3/2 Star - The 2 Star/3 Star makes certain that the Gangs laws and rules are followed by all members. He protects all of the people that wear our colours and the gangs reputation in any type of conflict. The 2 Star/3 Star assists all members of the Gang in combat of any sort including any type of weapons or fistfights.

1 StarA Member is also called a 1 Star. Members have earned their right to wear Colour after graduating from a Soldier. They have the right to wear the Gangs colours and attend Gang meetings

Soldiers - A Soldier is a person who would like to join the Gang but still needs to earn his Colours. The members with Colour direct the Soldiers to do certain duties that vary and supervise them to make certain they are completed. A Soldier may have to engage in illegal activities in order to carry out the requests of the Member. A Soldier does not have voting rights, as they are not a member of the Executive Committee. A Soldier may retrieve Cars from gang House and guard the gate/cars while the Gang is in a meeting. Soldiers try their best to follow all Gang rules and prove that they are worthy of being a Gang member and earning a Spot to wear gang Colours. Soldiers may be dealt menial tasks and have to endure some level of hazing by the Gang members. Soldiers are voted in the Gang by the executive committee and must pledge his loyalty to the Gang and all the 1 Stars to wear the proper gang colours.


AssociatesThis level of Gang affiliation consists of people who have stated an intention of Being a soldier for the Gang but have not either formally announced their desire to be one yet or have simply not been presented to the Gang for a vote on their Soldier status yet. The “hang around period” may vary vastly from person to person. It is also possible for one to go from being a hang around to being a friend of the club or from being a hang around to becoming a Soldier. The former would usually occur when the person, after hanging around the Gang for a while, decided to no longer have the intent of joining but still wanted to join in on Gang events. Anyone who intends to be a soldier for the gang must go through some hang-around period first. The hang around period is a relatively informal time for someone who is interested in the Gang to spend some time with Gang members, go on some Gang Adventures, etc. It is also a time for the person to get a feel for how much they fit with the Wolf Pack culture, so to speak. It's also a time for the Gang to engage in the same evaluation process with regard to the hang around. A hang around will usually be a Person with his/her own cars and money. This however, will not always be the case and is not absolutely necessary. The hang around wears no official Gang colours or Clothes and pays no dues. Hang around are expected to show a level of respect to all Gang Members of any other Gang/Club as well as to show respect to the Gang members of their own gang and affiliates 


Gang Colours/Uniform:

Elite Members - 4 Star - Triple OG:


Members Outfit:

Senior Members - 1-3 Star






Primary Gang Car: Hustler

Rolled Steel with Race Yellow Tint


Potential Hangout:




Gang Backstory:

Aarush Rachit worked a 9-5 job, he never really had a permanent place to stay he would be crashing at everyone's houses, getting wasted every weekend, he wasn't going anywhere with his life. He always wanted to be on top, to be the boss and one day he met two people, Jack Butch and Brian Stewart. He could see that these blokes could help him achieve what he wanted, he saw something big in these blokes, he could tell that they wanted something bigger than what they had. They chilled together, getting into all sorts of trouble with each other but nothing major. They would steal from convenient stores, punch on with strangers and just cause an overall muck. Then it started to get serious, they started to commit more crimes and that served harder punishments. Then there was a tragedy, Aarush's parents were killed in a drive-by shooting outside their own home. This pushed him to gather his group and told them they needed to go one step further, which is where The Stooges were formed.

Planned Day to Day Operations:

Legal Operations:

Prize Fights

Car Shows

Drag Races

Street Races

Meetup Events

Illegal Operations:

Armed High-Value Escorts

Arms Trafficking

Narcotics Trafficking


Contract Killing

Contract Hostage-taking

Buying and Selling of Stolen Goods and Car Parts




Do you accept the following condition:

In registering this gang, I understand that we are subjected to, and will accept the gang rules and that my gang permission can be revoked by staff for breaches of server and/or gang rules.


"In registering this gang, i understand and accept the gang rules and that my gang permission can be revoked by staff for breaches of server and/or gang rules."

"I understand that running as a gang does not excluded us from basic server rules such as RDM and griefing"

"I understand that i do NOT own/operate any territory and i cant claim sections of the city as "gang area"

"I understand that i am limited to 6 Gang members unless I am "syndicated" by gang staff"


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