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Peter Parker

Terrorism at Record High

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Breaking News: Terrorism at a record high

Thousands dead, Families ripped apart. 

Author: Peter Parker I4bqdHH.png@Spiderman

Published: August 30, 2019 1:50PM

Image source: Spiderman Images

This has got to stop. The City of Los Santos has come to a standstill yet again by a Terrorist attack by yet another malicious subversive terrorist. The attack occurred around 11:05PM last night when a tank began shooting innocent civilians with what appeared to be a 1000rpm cannon that devastated Legion Square and surrounding areas. Witnesses claim it moved at an unparalleled speed, faster than any car they've ever seen, destroying everything in sight. 

There is a silver lining though. Local Authorities, with the help of the gods above, managed to put a stop to their destructive 'death-spree' quickly, however, the damage was already done. Streets were littered with the bodies of innocent civilians. A Local Emergency Services Officer, who was present in the aftermath of this incident told me that "These terrorist attacks are destroying the relationship between me and my family. There's just so much work to do after these attacks. I fear one day I will be one of the victims".

The Terrorist, however, hasn't been seen since. Police have been unable to identify the perpetrator. They have however, been able to link the recent attacks to a Terrorist Organisation known as "MODDERS", who have been responsible for all previous terrorist attacks.  This attack also shows how lax the security of Fort Zancudo really is. Why is it that the security of our banks and convenience stores are STRONGER than that of the state military installation?  When is the government going to turn its focus on properly securing the Weapons of Mass Destruction contained within that base? Only time will tell.  

So far this terrorist attack has injured 78 people, killed11 and caused 482 million in damage. Local Civilians are gathering around to commemorate the fallen victims of yesterdays' tragedy. This is the 45th Terrorist attack this month.


Image source: Carsales.com 

Peter Parker is a Full-Time Weasel News Reporter and the resident Car Connoisseur. He can be commonly found in a Black and Pink Spiderman Outfit around the legion square area, Immersing himself with the people.  When he isn't found in legion square, he can be found annoying Officer Farewell 


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