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Blessed be...

This band of LGBTQIA+  (and all those who appreciate equality) was founded on the necessity of empowerment of individuals of all kinds, especially those without a voice. We are no longer standing for the consistent kidnappings, the constant abuse, the continuous mockery & the everlasting oppression we face. We're a safe haven for those who are victims of these abuses and as a 'society', we aim to shift these individuals from their lowest points, to their highest (into members who retaliate with good reason that is accepted within our gang). We uphold the values of the Handmaidens and fight for our passion to be heard. Our gang has grown, and through us, we spread the word throughout the city, increasing our ranks one individual at a time, bringing LGBTQIA+ and supporting allies out of the shadows and into the light. In the short time we've existed, our ranks have grown and have spread our influence into various areas of Los Santos. 


Originally starting as a protest group against white-collared individuals who control majority aspects of life (economy, lifestyle, family values, etc) and oppress LGBTQIA+ communities, it was realised that a mere group of protesters would not be able to enforce such a drastic change in engrained values, and thus 'The Handmaidens' were born. Shifting from their previous city to Los Santos, they acquired a new identity, with hopes of influencing various sectors of the city in favour of their sisterhood. Our term 'Blessed Be' is a consistent reminder of the promise of Sisterhood & is repeated throughout the day to retaliate any experiences they encounter as an LGBTQIA+ person that may belittle their existence. They have chosen the colour red as a symbol of the passion & drive that lives within each of these individuals, and are respectful of other groups (gangs) that follow similar colour schemes. 

The Handmaidens are not without sinners though. They must achieve ends meet and follow through various criminal avenues to do so. These include:

- House Robberies (of the wealthy).

- Drug Trade (Would need access to 1 or 2 drugs to provide financial assistance to members who earn such rights).

- Bodyguarding.

- Role as an accessory to crimes.

- Various others.

Legal Activities Include (Including OOC activities):

- Assisting LGBTQIA+ find their way through legal means + assisting with adjusting to the city (jobs, etc).

- Providing a safe haven & a community that these individuals can rely on.

- Organising Night Events (LGBTQIA+ friendly such a roasts, rap battles, etc).

- Other activities are currently being discussed by members.


As a gang that resides itself with spiritual values, rituals are an obligation of members and MUST be practiced.

- Initiation + Baptism (Procedure is dependent on each individual): Initiation procedures adapt to the reason of the individual joining that is moulded by the struggles they faced. 

- Her Hymn: All members must meet at our meeting location for a practice of 'Her Hymn', and servers as a reminder of the power that the Handmaiden's hold. 

- The Ceremony: A monthly meeting is conducted to express the gratitude of our sisterhood at the ring of the bell at our meeting location, as well as provide promotion in ranks, discuss new clients, or organise deals with 'friendly' organisations.

- Future rituals will without a doubt be developed.


HEADMISTRESS - Oversees the activities of all roles and acts as a hostess (or host) for gang events, as well as upholding their reputation as a reputable gang. Administrates finances for the gang, as well as delegating drugs to renowned members of the gang as a source of financial stability. 

HANDMAIDEN - Assistants of the Headmistresses and may be delegated particular roles according to their strengths (Supervises the apprentices, oversees training, etc). 

APPRENTICE - (This role may be considered as a trial position) Newly joined gang members who have been deemed as trustworthy & beneficial to the gang. Will need to pass various trials to rise in the ranks.

GUARDIANS - Hired guards, or those who volunteer as protection for the gang. They know very minimal of the gang's internal actions, unless trust is earned).

THE AUNT - Specialised role of a trusted member who assists in the application process. (To be expanded on in near future)

Future roles may be developed.


HEADMISTRESS - Freida Slaves (Deejaetoopzz)


HANDMAIDEN - Lisa Newcar (HxmeWrxcker)

HANDMAIDEN - Blanca Banks (Papipaya)





Roles are prone to have more availabilities.

(If accepted as a legitimate gang group, a few more members have agreed to join our ranks)












We are the Handmaidens of Los Santos and no longer will we be held down. 

We hope you consider our application. We have attempted to bring in something that (we hope) will benefit the server and provide incredible RP experiences for Fat Duck Gaming, as well as provide a both OOC and IC safe place for LGBTQIA+ individuals of all kinds!

Discord - Deejaetoopz#4323 for all other OOC enquiries.

Deejaetoopz#4323 - Deejaetoopzz (Steam)

Edited by Anita Man
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Posted (edited)

Deejaetoopz#4323 - Deejaetoopzz (Steam)

Any further OOC details needed will be provided over discord.

Edited by Anita Man

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Please contact me at barbar#6969 on Discord for a discussion. 

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