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 Farewell’s Chicken Review

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 Farewell’s Chicken Review.

 Is Clucking Bells Chicken Any Good?



Farewell with the Clucking Bell farm chicken sign.


On July 12th Friday 2019 Clucking Bell invited Gray Farewell to check out there Clucking bell Farm as he is a number 1 fan of chicken to show him how the chicken is made to be the top chicken in the hole world of fast food.


Clucking bell farms brought the fresh chicken to the cluckin’ bell fast food restaurants by truck never frozen all over the world.

Clucking bell was established in 1817 by an old man called William Bell that sadly passed in 1925 than his son toke over in 1927 called Andrew Bell.

The Bell family still keep the chicken company running to this date.


This is how the chicken is transported to clucking bell farms for slaughter. 


Clucking Bell gets the best chickens all around the world that are fat almost the size of watermelons these chickens when they get ready for slaughter they are unable to walk they are not your normal laying the egg chickens. 



Farewell with the chicken after chicken heads have been removed and feathers plucked.


In 2nd room, they remove the heads of chickens and guts and drop them into boiling water to pluck them the water doesn't need to be clean.




Workers checking the cuts and how fresh the chicken is.


This is where the chicken is placed onto plastic plates that have been cut ready for packaging and to be ticked off by the higher command of workers.


Gray Farewell wants to say thank you to the Clucking Bell family for letting me in the Farm to see how the meat is treated thank you. Love chicken always.


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