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Grove Street; The Local Hotspot for Drugs and Crime

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Grove Street; The Local Hotspot for Drugs and Crime

Author: David McAuliffe I4bqdHH.png@David McAuliffe

Published: JUNE 20, 2019 12:30PM

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Image source: David McAuliffe, Freelance Journalist, Grove Street from Above 


Police have seen a dramatic increase in drug-related calls to Grove Street in recent times amongst the recent influx of Citizens into the city.
The LSPD have been trying to combat drug-related crimes for the past few months to no avail, more and more people succumbing to these illicit substances as we have seen with previous reports.
Wung Shei Fou, a Student at the University of Los Santos who was a victim of an LSD overdose on 06/08/2019 and the unnamed employee of the scrapyard who was a victim of drug use, arrested on 06/19/2019. These are just two of the many people being affected by the very apparent drug culture that we are seeing in the city today.

The question that we, as citizens of Los Santos, must ask ourselves? Is all of these drugs worth it? You could have just as much "fun" by paying a visit to the local landmarks with your mates, heading down to the firing range to relieve some stress or even just going for a good swim at the Del Perro Pier! People who sell these substances for measly prices are exchanging peoples lives for a simple $100 note. I implore you Los Santos, we need to change. 

As an Independant Freelance Journalist, I am more than happy to talk to anyone if they have issues with substance abuse.
If you are suffering, send me an email and I'll try my best to get back to you.

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