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How Current Are The Current Laws Posted On The Forums

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Hi all,

I want to preface this by saying that I have no issue with any members of the LSDP or their conduct at this time. And to the officer that spent over 40 minutes talking with Mr Armitage, thank you for the brilliant roleplaying experience.

Personally I enjoy acting as somewhat of an adhoc lawyer for people on the server. As there is no specific role for this I tend to simply RP the scenario and I slowly build a client base. It's extremely enjoyable as it is a pure RP role.

However, I have come across an issue tonight regarding the letter of the law. Whilst in discussion with an arresting officer I was informed that the law that they were applying was not currently noted on the Fat Duck forums (in character obviously). This causes a bit of a power gaming issue as either the officer agrees to only apply those charges which are present on the forums or they force me to accept the law that they are utilising. 

I am happy to accept that new laws have been introduced or changes have been added since the laws were posted but can I please request that they be updated to reflect all changes that the LSPD may be working from.

I love lawyering and the RP and immersion that it brings to the game. I just don't want to be so jarringly removed from that experience by inconsistent laws.

Thanks for reading.

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@Reykr The laws are in effect as it is now. There is currently a major overhaul with the legal system and the process of which convictions are done.

If you believe the police are charging or issuing sentences against the letter of the laws, you are welcome to file an IC complaint in the Application Forms on the top of the main navigation bar.


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