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FDG Other Games Rules

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FDG Other Games Rules

Effective Dates
For other games Discord v1 - 01 Jan 18 - 22 May 19

For other games Discord v2 - Current (Since 23 May 19)

NOTE: This rule set has been tailored to our FDG - Other Games Discord server. Game specific rules for all mini-projects may be found in their dedicated channels or in a separate post.

#1 - Fair Play

1.1 - Usage of cheats via scripts or exploiting in-game bugs/vulnerabilities to provide an advantage over other players are not permitted.
1.2 - Usage of alternate accounts as a mean to circumvent a ban is not permitted, this includes the period when a ban appeal is being reviewed.
1.3 - Accounts that are found guilty to have breached any server rules will render the owner of the account liable for punishments, regardless of who was using the account at the time of the offence.
1.4 - Accounts terminated due to breach of server rules may have all their character data wiped from the respective game platform where the offence was carried out.

#2 - Community Respect

2.1 - Harassments, spreading hatred, sending threats and insults are not permitted.
2.2 - Be respectful to all other players on the server. Keep in mind that this community has many members of varying ages and backgrounds.
2.3 - Discrimination, be it sexism, racism, one's gender preference or religious faith is not tolerated.
2.4 - Adult content must not be shared within this community or to any members who can be reasonably identified as a minor in our community.

#3 - Interaction with Staff Team

3.1 - All development related issues should be logged via a bug report on the website and not by tagging Developers on Discord.
3.2 - Staff decisions are non-negotiable. However if the decision appears to have been made in error, or procedural fairness was not observed, the dispute should be handled via a staff report or administrative appeal on the website.
3.3 - Lying or falsifying statements to a staff member or forging evidence to support a complaint or an appeal will result in an instant removal from the community.

#4 - Discord

4.1 - Members are free to subscribe or unsubscribe from individual game channel families. This is an opt-in system where staff will not force a specific role onto a member. However by subscribing, the member must acknowledge any relevat policies and guidelines and comply with them.
4.2 - Advertising of any kind is not permitted in this community. Content creators wishing to promote their channels should sought permission from a Community Manager first.

#5 - FDG Website


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