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Why's Car Dealer CEO

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Harmony Automotive

“Accelerating the future. The future is near.”




Business Plan:

Our plan for the near future is to provide the variety of Los Santos with the fine quality of what our vehicles have to offer. We have plans for community engagement by hosting mild event’s fortnightly and giving some of our profits out in raffles and vehicles. We would also love to give the opportunity for others to experience the amazing qualities and perks of becoming and operating a car dealership.

Business Goals:

- To create employment for the citizens Los Santos that don't often get the opportunity, to give everyone the chance and ability to make a difference in the community

- To be the most Productive & Efficient Business
- To provide the best customer service in Los Santos

Public & Private Events:

Vehicle Scavenger Hunt

Vehicle Raffles

Underground Events which are as followed:

Public & Private Events:

Car Shows, Bike Shows, Drag Races, Street Races & Drifting

The goal here is to bring the car community together, and spread the passion of vehicles among one another.

Car Shows: These will be held in different disclosed locations, they will consist of A) Entry Fee B) Music from a hired DJ C) Cars, cars and more cars & D) We will also be doing rolling because who doesn't like to risk it all?

Bike Shows: These will be identical to Car Shows but instead of cars, it would be mainly bikes, any type of bikes.

Drag Races: These will be held at a discreet location on a closed road, or other spots. There will be entry fee, betting, alcohol, and some closed races!

Street Races: These will be the most underground event. These will include a meet up location, then everyone would head to the spot and go head to head. Entry Fee & Betting will be taking place at these. There will be classes to street racing ie: Muscle, Sport, Super, etc.
Drifting: For the drift event, it would take place on disclosed streets, or a track (TBD). There would also be Parking Garage Donuts. If you aren’t blasting Tokyo drift at these, ya aren’t welcome.

4x4 Off-Road: For 4x4 events, the city is not the place. We would take this up to the Sandy Shores/Paleto area. There would be a meetup beforehand to discuss the terrain and make sure everyone is well equipped before each adventure. Different routes, that would take you to the world’s edge, there will never be a dull moment in these events.

Reason for Application:

We strive for the best possible experience both as a customer as well as employee for our business. The business will be operated most days pretty much all day ensuring that anyone and everyone has the opportunity to come down and purchase a vehicle whenever they feel necessary.

Investment Group:

We have investors lined up and ready to invest good amounts of money into the company, so money will never be an issue. It's also good to note that our management team will be taking only a small percent of profits during Harmony's opening days.





Chief Sales Representative

Senior Sales Representative

Sales Representative

Employment History:

Car Dealer - Manager

Mechanic - Manager



Categories & History:
JDM: Japanese Domestic Market; These are the cars that over time & with popularity coming from The Fast & Furious series, have grown and turned into something no one saw coming. Ever since 1904 when Japan made their first car running off steam. Some of the world’s most brilliant mind to ever bless a car have come from Japan and the JDM scene. IE: Supra, Evo, Rx7, NSX, Skyline, Integra, Silvia.
Muscle: Who doesn’t love a good muscle car? In 1955, against common belief the first “actual” muscle car was a Chrysler C-300 due to being marketed as the first American high-performance variant, with track numbers to match. This was followed later with Pontiac GTO. Since then, Muscle cars have taken off! Most owners either keeping them classic or going full performance and whichever you choose, they are beastly. IE: Mustang, Barracuda, Chevelle, GTO, Daytona.  
Sport:  The first sports car to hit the market was made in America in 1950, 3 years before the 1953 Chevrolet Corvette was announced. This car is named Nash-Healey and it continued production from 1950-1954. To understand a car and the potential in one, you must never forget their roots and how they got to where they are now. IE: M3, BRZ, 370z, GTI, WRX, Corvette.
Sedan: These are more common than the previous categories. These have 4-doors so instead of the cons associated with Coupes, etc, then you have enough seating for an average family size of 4. Sedans are known for their less sporty appearance but the storage room, and better gas mileage compared to other categories make these special in their own way.
Luxury: The luxurious cars are made with attention to detail and the highest of all technology. The brands that have done this stand out due to their advertising among celebrities. Brands that are considered “luxury” would be IE: Infiniti, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Cadillac, Alfa Romeo, Rolls Royce, Bentley, etc.

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+1 Love working with jack at LSC one of the best managers around the shop would be a great leader/owner!

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+1, Jack's an active unit and well respected in the community! I would love to see what he can do as a Car Dealer CEO!

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+1 😎

Mitchell Butler says:
"Mate, Jack is a hell of a man and he's a great businessman whenever I come in the mechanic shop. I %100 Agree he will fit the spot as a CEO Of a car dealership. Well mannered, easy to work with and overall a nice bloke"
Дмитрий Михайлов (Dmitry Mikhailov) says:

"Блядь, Jack is good man! he taught me lesson how to be good workman at mechanic shop. he is serious business man and he good friend and he know how to get job done. if you dont believe me, you haven't worked at mechanic shop yet or visted when he around shop! удачи друг!"
"sorry for bad english, I ruskiy"

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