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I would like to take the position of CEO of Weazel news. I realize it is unpaid work, but its fun for me. I enjoy making up random "news updates" as well as commenting on the goings on around town.

There are no members other than me, because multiple news posters in twitter would be at best, annoying. I dont want anything, there are some things id LIKE, so i can keep my distance from crime scenes while i report on them, but they arent musts (stuff like binoculars or a functional camera with zoom. Someone said a weazel news helicopter but thats too much). 

MY interactions will be mostly passive, observations on the goings on around town, but i will also be using the news to incite fighting and stir the pot on occasion because who doesnt love a good old fashioned gang war. Id happily take reporting ideas from the civilian population but ultimately, the news will be what i believe to be interesting, not the minutia of someones life. I will be doing my best to stay out of fighting but the life of a reporter can sometimes turn deadly, as reporting on a gang activity is likely to incur some backlash, but thats an acceptable risk.

Stuff that id report on would be, for example:

(STORY) Police seen chasing wildlife through the streets of Los Santos, as a wild Cougar rampages through the streets. Gunfire lights up the night as wildlife handlers and LSPD unite to capture and release the deadly predator. (There was an Admin playing as animals and the cops were going ham tackling and shooting them prior to reset)

(ADVERTISEMENT) Life got you down? Neighbors making life difficult? Are you out of targets to shoot on the farm? Pisswasser is here to quench your thirst and slake your bloodlust! Be it beating your neighbors over a noise dispute or unloading on an unsuspecting empty at the end of a rough day. "Pisswasser: Get so blasted, you just dont give a shit"

(Lull in twitter filler) LSPD held a community outreach program today at Grove street, complete with BBQ and career coach for the youths of the area. Career councilor Chandler had this to say on the event: "It was going fine until one of the officers tried to do a balloon trick and, amidst tying up an inflated animal, accidently made a gang sign".  The casualties are reported to be in the low 50's.


I'm not one for grinding out the jobs, I have no interest in being a gang member, but i CAN report absolute garbage and make it sound interesting. And thats what id like to do.

Discord: Fireforx#2006

Ingame Character: Frodo Baggins (considering getting a name change but DAMN thats expensive).

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