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Phil Goode

LSES 2019 New Year Report

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Los Santos Emergency Services
Director Emergency Services

2019 New Year Report

1. This is possibly the final announcement to be made while I am in this office tenure. I would like to thank every LSES staff or EMS/LSFD (our multiple name changes) for sticking with the department throughout the hard times.

2. I first stepped into this office on Jan 2018, having completed 4 months as a Paramedic. The department strength grew from about 10 staff to currently 95 Paramedics, Firefighters and High Command personnel altogether. While these numbers do not represent the total amount of active staff, it is still a huge accomplishment that we have achieved together.

3. Throughout 2018 we have also acquired the fire station 90 in Sandy Shores, deployed the community services program to give convicted individuals a second chance through serving a probation period for our local community, acquired a brand new fleet of vehicles and re-branded ourselves as the Emergency Services. We have recently also trialed the running of our Fire Services division. The success of this department cannot be credited to myself alone, but a collective effort from each and individual one of us.

4. It is therefore important that I should step down from this position, to pass the department onto our future talents who will continue to improve its services. I introduce Deputy Director Ray Barone, who will take over my position on 10 Feb 19. Ray has been with us for a long period of time, with a perfect track record for his service delivery and work ethics. He will be assisted by Inspector Nick Howard and Commander Robert Viking, together let's achieve even more this year!

Kind regards,

Phil Goode

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