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LSLA Organisation Rules

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#14 - Organisations
14.1 - All organisations with the intent to carry on a business, legal or illegal, with a minimum standing crew size of 4 and upwards of 16 including the owner, must be approved on the forums via Organisation Applications.
14.2 - Each criminal organisation (hereafter as gangs) may only have upwards of 8 members in any one server carrying out any activities as a gang at any given time. Legal organisations will be subjected to the same restriction if they intend on carrying out any criminal activities as an organisation.
14.3 - All gang wars and attacks must be supervised by a Moderator or above
14.4 - Organisation members are encouraged to record all organisational activities where possible.
14.5 - The Syndicate may revoke organisation registrations/approvals for breach of rules, which may include additional punishments to individual members of the organisation.
14.6 - Organisation leaders may request two properties to be leased from the Syndicate. The Syndicate may revoke leased properties at any time. Organisations may not sell or transfer lease without Syndicate approval.
14.7 - Under no circumstances are organisation members allowed to KoS in their lease territories. Organisation members may threaten or harass trespassers, and may only kill after repeated disobedience.
14.8 - Business CEO rules are also binding to organisation leaders in operation of any legal or illegal businesses.
14.9 - You cannot be in more than one criminal organisation/gang (account-wide restriction).

Business CEO Rules
14.9 - All business CEO’s report the Syndicate Board of Directors. The Los Santos Government is the owner of all legal businesses in Los Santos.
14.10 - Syndicate Board of Directors may remove a CEO or an entire business for breaches of these rules or any other behavior deemed unfavourable to the economic/reputation management of the business which may include additional punishments to individual members of the business.
14.11 - Syndicate must be given 1 week notice in the event a CEO resigns from the office. Outgoing CEOs may appoint an interim CEO to look after the business pending selection of a new CEO.
14.12 - Assets with known acquisition costs must not be sold with a price more than the profit margin agreed upon between individual CEOs and the Government. Profit margin may be negotiated on the CEO's initial appointment and on a monthly basis.
14.13 - Business CEOs must submit a fixed price list for goods and services with no known acquisition costs to the Government for approval prior to providing goods and services at the desired price to customers.
14.14 - Cleaning of dirty money/marked notes to be done at no less than 15%
14.15 - CEO’s will be required to maintain some separation between “gang” and “business” activities. No gang activity to take place at legitimate business locations.
14.16 - “Business” discord channels are not to be used for gang activities. You have “gang” channels
14.17 - Business locations (shop locations and any blips associated with the business) are considered as neutral zones. Gruppe6 or law enforcement should be used for security purposes at these locations.


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