Registration Terms

Rule #5 - Website Rules

5.1 - You may not comment on any Staff application posts, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. If you believe a certain individual had broken a rule, the appropriate place for that would be the Player Reports sub-forum.
5.2 - When commenting your opinion on other users’ posts, ensure your comments are constructive, that includes downvotes. Justify your +/-1s with reasons rather than outright rejecting an idea simply because you didn’t like it.
5.3 - The only occasions you may post on any player reports or ban appeals are either you’re the author or a member of staff, or you have supporting evidence to contribute to the post.
5.4 - You may file only 1 application of the same type (e.g PD Applications of any kind, FD, Gangs or Staff) at any given point of time. You may file an additional application of the same type at least 30 days after the first application was denied (for Ban Appeals and Staff applications), and at least 7 days for other types.
5.5 - The forum usergroup Roleplay (IC) Characters is strictly for roleplay character accounts only, and not to be used by the Out of Character (OOC) master account. For details, please visit this tutorial.