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Found 2 results

  1. GENERAL INFORMATION UNTAMED ASSOCIATION [UA] *WE ARE NOT A GANG* We are a very unknown group of precision “Business” people that have been conducting our profession without the watchful eye of the council. But have decided we can add a lot of value to the people of Los Santos by making our services more readily available with strength and precision being our strong point. There isn’t many lines of business legal or illegal that we can’t handle. Our smarts allow us to make money in the distribution of not easily attended to products/hardware. And our strengths make us perfect applicants for those who need protecting. we pride ourselves on making sure our business is done in the most discreet ways making sure we don’t make too much of a ruckus and people that aren’t involved stay safe and oblivious. This city is our home and what we stand for so we aim to protect it with any means necessary. The Police Department are not our enemies but in-fact they are our allies in making sure this city and our business are working together and goes hand in hand towards an orderly fashion. MEMBERS / RANKINGS President: Spooky/Mike Litoris Vice President: Woody/ Earl Peterson SGT At Arms: W1cey / Ben Dover Road Captain: Melk / Arthur James Black Secretary: Treasurer: Enforcer: Enforcer: UNOFFICIAL BUSINESS > UA hideout for public gatherings > Pro bono client protection when they are in unnecessary danger > generous donations to people in need in the city OFFICIAL BUSINESS > Trafficking & Distributing illegal goods (i.e Guns [Black Market] Drugs [Meth]) > Client & other Organization/Service protection > Vehicle acquisition & distribution CLUB HOUSE / HIDEOUT UNIFORMS / CLOTHING All Representatives while undergoing organisation business must be seen in clean business attire (Black/White/Grey) to make sure they are identifiable to other affiliates of the association. VEHICLES Our family is held by its high class professionalism and will be not held to a certain type of vehicle but must always maintain the image and professionalism of the UA. *MERCEDES BENZ CLS63* for precision and high performance while laying low in the streets. *NISSAN TITAN* for the more rugged dirty jobs that need to be performed with power and strength.
  2. Gruppe6 Security Officer Application: Please use the link below, Note: All applications are only viewed by Gruppe6 High Command, this is for Security and confidentiality purposes.