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Found 1 result

  1. OOC Info Steam Username: Hinzy Account ID: 15807 Discord: Hinzy#4808 IC Info Personal Details: Full Name: Neil McCauley Occupation: Taxi Driver Employment History: Formerly a garbage driver with the Los Santos Recycling Center, presently employed as a taxi driver with Los Santos Transport. Criminal Record: Two fines; one for public intoxication and the other for the open carriage of a one-handed firearm. I am more than happy to discuss these fines with the Department of Commerce should it be needed. Applying for: Manager of Roger's Salvage & Scrap Business Plan: Business Summary: Roger's Salvage & Scrap is a scrapyard located in La Puerta in Los Santos. Our business primarily focuses on scrapping vehicles, as well as the purchasing and selling of car parts. However, we will also offer basic mechanic services by qualified staff to customers who ask, but we will not be competing against larger businesses such as Benny's. Our purchased and/or retrieved car parts will be delivered to the docks by a truck in exchange for cash, this means the business stays realistic by requiring constant logistics. We would also not discriminate against those with a criminal record, here at Roger's we'd like to give the opportunity for honest work to those who are willing to work hard and stay clean. Services Offered: Purchasing car parts from customers for around 10-20% more than the default sell prices.* Purchasing a car from a customer for a set rate. This car would then be scrapped for a randomised amount of car parts for which we can sell.* Transporting purchased/retrieved scrap to the docks in a company truck for export.* Basic mechanic services by qualified employees. * I've attached the specific government logistic considerations of these services at the bottom of this thread. Reason for Application: The reason I have written an application for Roger's Salvage & Scrap is because simply, there’s no existing market for people to sell car parts and scrap to a legitimate source. Currently, it seems that only gangs are offering this service, hardly a trustworthy source. I feel that there’s a fantastic opportunity in the market for our business to operate. Our business would exploit that opportunity and provide people with a legitimate source to sell their unwanted parts, as well as sell their old vehicles that are collecting dust in the garage. How will your proposed business help the economy of the State: I strongly believe that exploiting this opportunity and creating our business will result in a large number of customers being drawn into a legitimate business instead of resorting to selling their parts to gangs, thus drastically reducing their cash-flow from that side of their business. Our business will also provide real interaction when selling parts, scrap, and old cars, instead of simply dealing with a computer. This promotes active legitimate business within the city. Feasibility Analysis: Income: Our main source of income will come from selling and exporting car parts from our business inventory at the Port of Los Santos. Car parts can be inventoried in two possible ways; the parts we collect ourselves, as well as the parts we purchase from customers. Obviously, the parts we collect ourselves will net the most profit, albeit at a slower rate. In order to draw customers into our business, we will purchase their existing parts for between 10-20% above the existing market rate. When exporting our parts, they will be sold at a to-be-discussed price with the shipping company, this price should net us between 30-50% profits on top of our expenses. Secondly, we also offer basic mechanic services which can be helpful to make extra money when the main section of the business is slow. These fees will be discussed with our customers which depends on the damage to their vehicle. This is not a primary source of income for the company. Expenses: The business will only have three types of expenses which include employee salaries, the cost to purchase customer parts, as well as the 25% bonus each employee receives when delivering a shipment of parts to be exported by a third party. Quite frankly, I believe that our expenses are incredibly low compared to the potential profit to be made. Car parts are an untapped market by legitimate business and we will have a total monopoly unless rivalled by a competing gang trying to steal business. When our business is first set up, I will allocate around $750,000-$1,000,000 of personal funds into our corporate account to sustain the business while we get up on our feet and turn a profit. We do not wish to seek any kind of loan from the government at this stage. Proposed Organisation Structure: Manager Role: In charge of all day-to-day activities and roles, as well as providing financial and logistical transparency to the government. Salary: $500 Qualified Mechanic Role: Perform typical mechanic duties, scrap vehicles, and deliver car parts to the docks as well as assisting the manager with day-to-day duties when required. Salary: $400 (plus 25% of parts value when delivering.) Apprentice Role: New employees will be employed to this trial position. Assist the mechanic and manager with day-to-day duties, as well as deliver car parts to the docks when required. Salary: $250 (plus 25% of parts value when delivering.) All employees are required to have their car and truck licenses. Employees MAY have a criminal history, we'd like to aim to reform criminals by giving them an opportunity for legitimate work instead of resorting to crime. We do not plan to have a very large staff team, at a maximum we'd like to only have around five employees until we grow our business. Additionally, all employees are required to wear the company uniform shown above, employees may change their accessories if they would like. They may exercise their right to carry firearms on the premises, however, they must be either in a holster or concealed at all times. Current Employees: Neil McCauley (Hinzy#4808) - Manager Gustavo Fring (Nukaa#5788) - Qualified Mechanic Jimmy Mann (Jimmy#0251) - Apprentice Perrin Barteaux (Batmaggot#4968) - Apprentice Residency Period: How long have you lived in Los Santos for? I moved to Los Santos from Liberty City approximately two months ago. Government logistic support requests: In terms of government support, there's a fair bit of work involved, however, most of the work could be referenced from existing scripts. Our business logistic requests include: Both the manager and qualified mechanics are able to scrap low/medium-end vehicles (locally spawned vehicles, not player) in exchange for a randomized number and variety of car parts. To prevent people from getting a heap of parts too quickly, this would be limited to once every 10-20 minutes. This would involve driving a vehicle to the scrapyard in a specific location and an employee performing an action/animation for 60 seconds in order to scrap it. On average, a car could deliver around $7-15K worth of parts. All of this said however, I'll leave the specifics up to the government support team as to what they see fit. Delivering our purchased/retrieved car parts from the scrapyard to the docks which would give the company 75% of the total value and the driver 25%. These parts would need to be sold at a rate that would net us a profit after purchasing costs (10-20% on the default prices). This would pretty much be mirrored from the existing truck driving job, it gives employees something to do when the city is quiet and keeps the business flowing realistically by creating a need for drivers. The addition of at least one to two more chopshop locations scattered inside of our yard would provide work for our staff, as well as offer people the opportunity to steal from our yard, creating some more roleplay opportunities. This is not an essential request. Access to the basic business menus and management, a vehicle garage, as well as the option to present invoices to customers. Both the manager and qualified mechanics would also need access to mechanic abilities, such as cleaning, repairing and lockpicking. We would also like access to a storage locker for our car parts so that we only have to deliver large amounts at a time. All of our requested vehicles do not require any custom liveries and they can be found already imported into the city, with the Scrap Truck already have our business decal on it. We would like to request access to the following company vehicles in our garage: Scrap Truck (for delivery missions). Mule (for delivery missions). Tow Truck (the larger truck, this can be used to transport vehicles to be scrapped.) Rusty Rebel (for day-to-day activities) Finally, we would obviously need blips at the business location. For general work involving scrapping, as well as retrieving vehicles, it would be conducted at the back of the main building in the scrapyard. For business management and storage, it would be conducted in the large recycling center. This building already has an interior to easily place blips down. On a side note, eventually, we'd like to potentially reform our organisation after we've gained a reputation in the city to focus on more illegal activities behind the scenes. Said activities would include importing both illegal arms and drugs into the city. These services would not be advertised to the general public and would only be accessed by trusted individuals. Confirmation: I acknowledge that falsifying details in this application may render a permanent blacklisting from future applications. (Y/N): Y I acknowledge that the Government's acceptance of this application does not automatically grant me a business to run. (Y/N): Y I acknowledge that this is a multi-step process in order to start a business, and I am currently on step 1. (Y/N): Y I will not nudge, bump or message a Government official to enquire on the status of this application. (Y/N): Y I acknowledge that the registration cost of my business will be expensive (Millions). (Y/N): Y I acknowledge that I will be subjected to the Corporations, Contracts and Labour Act and corporate provisions of the Crime and Corruption Act upon registration of my business, and I will comply with such laws. (Y/N): Y Please feel free to contact me on my email (Hinzy#4808) or comment below should you have any feedback or changes regarding this application. I look forward to hearing back from a Department of Commerce representative.

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