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Found 1 result

  1. Breaking News: Police left searching for answers after Armoury Raided Citizens advised to stay indoors this weekend and make sure their affairs are in order. Author: Charles Weazel @Charles Weazel Published: September 27, 2019 1:50PM An unknown group of organised criminals succeeded in a brazen heist yesterday causing massive damage to the Mission Row Police Departments (MRPD) Armoury and made away with numerous Police weapons. Weazel News was able to obtain exclusive CCTV footage of the heist and urges citizens to contact police if you recognise any of the individuals. A statement was issued today by the newly appointment City Police Superintendent I. Bullivarde: "What we know so far is Police attended a serious incident on the other side of town, we now believe this to be a distraction to clear out the station. CCTV shows 3 men in BUGSTAR uniforms parking sports cars minutes earlier to the attack on MRPD and leaving on foot, then returning in a BUGSTAR van, parking it out front and walking into the lobby." "A weapon is pulled out and held on the receptionist while another suspect plants a explosive device on the door and it is detonated, removing the door from its hinges, crowbars are then used to force weapons from the rack." "The suspects then fled and split into the waiting vehicles and left in different directions. During the confusion the Van was them removed from the scene minutes later by one of the men" Police would not say how many weapons were taken, but Weazel News has been informed by a source that the value is over a $1 Million. Clean up crews have been working around the clock to secure the scene and lock down the armoury. After the attack a local man reported to Police he was held as a hostage by a man in BUGSTAR uniform close by, its suspected the hostage had been taken to use as leverage if needed, he was released unharmed. We will keep you updated on any developments on this story. If these men are seen, please report it to your local Police Station. Promotional Contents Los Santos Customs - Ask us about our Hotwheels package. Vanilla Unicorn - We are never open, sorry.

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