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v2.55 - The Phone Update

Released 10/16/2021


Hello All,

As some of you would know, a new, custom phone has been in the works for quite some time now. We are happy to say that today is the day that it gets released.

We have been hardcore testing this phone for a few weeks now, however, there are still things that could break when deploying on a larger scale. If you do encounter an issue, do a /bugreport so we can look into fixing it.

As a result of this, all contacts, messages and call history will be deleted. However, we are adding the ability to copy all your old contacts to your clipboard, so you can go through them and re-add them if you want.

We plan to do software updates with this phone, release new apps and redesign apps over time, so stay tuned for further updates in the coming months.

Thanks to all that have been involved in helping to make this phone actually happen. Testing, UI Design, Ideas, it's been great to get peoples input. Hopefully you all like it :)



Camera and Photos App

  • Take photos and selfies
  • Photos will save to your camera roll (photos app)
  • Like photos, search for your own photos and share them at the click of a button!


  • Toggle different layers on and off using the dropdown menu
  • Click on locations and set your GPS


  • Same same but different
  • New layout
  • Post images without needing text, or with a caption!


  • Change preset background image, or custom
  • Change phone size


  • Add contacts to favourites
  • Dial using the dialpad
  • Block numbers from calling you


  • Introducing, group chats!
  • Group chats allow as many people as you want to join, and all send messages
  • You can edit the name of your chat, as well as the display picture
  • Contacting mechanics, police and EMS all happen out of different apps now, so none of those services in this app

Service FDG

  • New service app for character management
  • Pay fines, and buy rego all from this app!
  • Request for a tow truck with preset messages


  • Make notes, edit the titles and then share them with contacts or a phone number!


  • View balance and account number
  • View transaction history and see spending!
  • Transfer money to a contact or a players account number, anywhere, anytime!


  • New app designed for PD and EMS interaction
  • Message PD or EMS and get replies from this app!
  • Messages will delete after every restart, so if you want to keep a conversation, make a chat in messages with an officer / paramedic
  • New Panic Button
  • Set an emergency contact in the settings of this app
  • This person will be alerted of your location if you click your panic button
  • One Click Assistance
  • Request assistance at car accidents, request for PD or EMS help, or get a tow truck dispatched!
  • These buttons allow for easy, non-message based interactions where a pre-defined message is sent to the mechanics so they can come and assist
  • Custom messages to mechanics can be done in the Service App


We plan on releasing new apps in the future, and are always open to suggestions. Please leave a server suggestion at https://www.fatduckgaming.com/index.php?/server-suggestions/server-suggestions/ so we can take a look!

We hope you enjoy this phone, and familiarise yourself with it pretty quickly



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