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Released 10/09/2020



  • Wallets are now Searchable
  • Weapon Attachments can now be applied to Weapons (in testing)
  • Cars now have Gloveboxes, access using TAB while inside a vehicle
  • You can now show registration for Job Vehicles
  • Added over 100 new animations


  • 3D Text has been changed and optimized
  • Job Vehicles have regular plates
  • Weapons on Players should now show attachments (and magazines)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Shooting while doing animations
  • Lowered the Refresh time on Forced Animations (so you should be able to walk through doors while carrying people)
  • Repeating Animations should no longer cancel
  • Storing Vehicles in house garages now sets them as being in the garage
  • Storing Vehicles in parking garages now makes that car only available from that specific parking garage
  • Impound will now show which impound the vehicle is in
  • Fixed Players from being able to access parked cars from any character
  • Fixed drive being able to shoot (yes it was a bug)

Weapon Changes

  • Double Action (golden revolver) damage reduced
  • Heavy Revolver damage reduced
  • Removed pistol whipping
  • Fixed SNS Damage issue

Vehicle Changes

  • Fixed HSV GTS no headlight issue
  • Fixed Runier6str not showing cosmetic mods
  • Fixed Bulletproof windows for Phantom

New Vehicles

  • Added a PD version of the HSV GTS


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