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LSLA Changelog v2.56.6

Released 02/15/2022


Map Tweaks

  • Added saloon in Paleto
  • Added green screen stage to  movie studios

Scripting Changes

  • Changed the car trailer model to a newer, and better model
  • Added a vape pen
  • Added a new dog variant to the pet store that can help you hunt animals
  • Added animations for bouncers doing pat-downs
  • Added Bar Badge
  • Changed towing logic to be more reliable and accurate in-vehicle placement
  • Changed NOS system to be a burst, rather than press and hold
    • Once you use nos, you will need to go on a cooldown before you use it again
    • If you spam use nos in a certain period of time quickly, there is a chance for your engine to blow out
  • Added MK2 rifle to vest script
  • Added new cars to QLS
  • Added Blacklight under glow to all mechanics
  • Mechanics can now put front, black, left and right under glow separately

Clothing Changes

  • Added two Lost MC shirts for M/F
  • Added Updated Mutiny Vests 
  • Added Two new Gang Tattoos
  • Added HWY Vest decals
  • Added Yellow Bandana variations
  • Removed De-syndicated Gang Chains / Tattoos

Vehicles Changes

  • Adjusted Ford Raptor seat positioning
  • Added R32 for testing phase
  • Adjusted some PD vehicles for more livery slots
  • Handling adjustments on PD VFSS


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