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LSLA Changelog v2.56.5

Released 02/01/2022


Hey All,

Sorry for delay on the patch notes. We did another small update today to fix some issues so we were holding off releasing until that took place

Vehicle Team

SAPF/TAC/HWY have received the following vehicles:

  • Toyota Landcruiser GX
  • Ford Focus (Tac)
  • New bearcat

AFP have received a number of vehicle updates & tweaks

The following vehicles have received a replacement model:

  • Ford Mustang 2018 > Ford Mustang 2019
  • Bentley Continental 2013 > Bentley Continental 2019


Clothing Team

  • Lost Vests have now been completely redesigned for both Male and Female


Scripting Team


  • Heist Framework is now in beta testing (Release soon)
  • Lockpicking for police stations, hospitals and courthouse
    • Players can use "lockpicking kits" near locked doors at these locations, however there is a chance to set off the tamper alarm! Police will respond to these calls as if they were an officer in distress, so be armed with a good gun or an even better story
  • EMS will now be able to see the cause of death of distress calls, in order to help them send the correct vehicles and prioritize effectively


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed chopshop stolen vehicle not giving XP
  • Fixed chopshop stolen vehicle bug allowing more than 3 active at one time


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