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LSLA Changelog v2.56

Released 12/23/2021


UI System Overhaul

We will be trialling a new UI system to slowly replace our existing UI. We will slowly be moving various parts of the interface over to this new system, which has significant benefits in:

  • UI performance (hopefully working to remove the UI lag which cripples many players)
  • Consistency across colours, spacing and controls
  • Faster development pace with a properly thought out framework (nerd stuff)


Radial Menu

  • Part of this new UI system will be the radial menu component. This will be used to replace some of the clunky and dated menus (starting with the page up menu). We really like the design we have come up with, and we hope you do to.
  • You can access the replacement pageup menu through holding down LEFT ALT (this can be changed inside the control settings). The contents of the menu will differ depending on whether you are in a vehicle or not


Effect System

  • The effect system is a fundamental change to how the server works. A larger emphasis is placed on needing to look after your character. We hope to massively expand this system in the future, but for the first release we have the following effects ready to go

Hunger / Thirst

  • There are various new effects which come from hunger and thirst. Rather than displaying exactly how hungry you are as a bar / percentage, you will instead get various progressive effects ranging from peckish to starving.
  • Food and water right now affects your characters stamina and eventually prevents you from sprinting, but it will not affect your health
  • (For those of you who want to run restaurants and cook delicious food, be patient, your time will come :D)

Apartments / Properties

  • There will be lots of changes coming to apartments because we want them to feel more worthwhile (yes, this includes rebalancing the prices to be more reasonable). For this update, you will be able to regen health by visiting your property. Whilst in your home, you will heal to 90%, and upon leaving you will have health regen up to 75% for up to 20 minutes.
  • There are a few other secret effects which I will leave you guys to find However please remember this feature is very new, and will receive regular tweaks and changes



  • Purchase pets at the pet store in Little Seoul
  • Retrieve them from various blips around the map (including the pet store)
  • Use new interaction radial menu to control pets, including animations
  • Pets are able to enter instances (houses)



  • Tablet appears transparent when on screen and cursor is outside of tablet frame


K9 Changes

  • You must retrieve your K9 from the blips located at the different police stations
  • You cannot spawn your K9 at any other point in the map
  • K9 Handlers now have "K9 med kits", which they can use to revive their dog if it dies
  • Police K9's can now defend against attackers
  • Also able to go inside instances, similar to Pets



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