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LSLA Changelog v2.55.3

Released 12/14/2021



  • Twitter top tweets
  • Added binoculars as an item needed to use them
  • Reverted distress calls to old system, but kept sound
  • No longer receive calls if you don't have a tablet
  • No longer receive Call Updated or Call Resolved notifications if you aren't attached to that call
  • Vehicle balances in regards to bikes
  • Adjusted fuel system to be more realistic
  • Adjusted Mutiny Vest
  • Adjusted hunting rifle to be a bit better
  • Added PD Dog Christmas Hat
  • Modified CMG Building

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed group chats not receiving new messages
  • Fixed teleport blip on Cayo Perico Island that broke players
  • Fixed phone tracking texts
  • Fixed Casino messages not sending to players
  • Fixed chopshop messages not sending to players
  • Added mod mech location to Flywheels


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