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LSLA Changelog v2.54.2

Released 09/29/2021



  • Added persistent armour (will carry over restart)
  • Fixed ammo getting glitched in reload state when in a car
  • Added tennis animation
  • Added sirens to dogsquad cars
  • Removed ID Menu
  • Added Show ID and Show Badge option to ID's and Badges to remove old ID
  • Added corrections to tracker blips for job
  • Added Airmax 90's
  • Added Hang Around Female Vest for Rebel Raiders
  • New billboards are in the server
  • Updated handling for multiple cars
  • The following vehicles have had their speed nerfed:
    • 720s
    • Chiron17

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed hunting item drops not being consistent
  • Re-added security pat down function
  • Fixed weapons not appearing on login
  • Fixed cars being at - minutes for tow timer
  • Fixed Rebel Raiders Female Vest
  • Fixed invisible clothes causing model issues
  • Fixed car collissions
  • Fixed position of dog in new dog squad cars
  • Fixed COPS tablet not letting players add notes
  • Fixed players not being able to pickup items after being unjailed
  • Fixed ATM Cash issue


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