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LSLA Changelog v2.54.1

Released 09/21/2021


Important Notice

The PD and Civilian Kia Stingers have been disabled due to a large issue causing an exploit. We plan to have this fixed in the near future. You do not need to fill out a compensation claim or a bug report regarding these cars, they have been disabled on purpose



  • Removed PD Utiliser phone
  • Fixed Mirror Park Tavern Staff Only door being blocked
  • Removed old VR Arena blip that would teleport you to the middle of the ocean
  • Added Clothing Store, Changing Room and Cloakroom to Paleto PD
  • Changed SAPF and SACS badge to new Commissioner / Warden
  • Changed Go Postal deliver button from G to E to stop for sale properties blocking mission progression
  • Removed "OUT" status for all vehicles (including after restart)
  • Added new clothing for TAC and AFP

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in prison where task reward was higher than actual reward
  • Fixed not being able to pull weapons out underwater
  • Fixed exploit allowing people to exit vehicles while cuffed
  • Fixed casino security cameras
  • Fixed cars being able to be towed straight away after being told they need to wait 10 minutes
  • Removed some animation exploits through walls / doors
  • Removed Alien Costume from verified menu due to broken ped
  • Fixed clothing on the hotbar causing inventory to break
  • Fixed refueling showing double the amount pumped
  • Fixed items not being returned when being removed from jail
  • Fixed issues where guns would become invisible on players
  • Fixed Prison Storage
  • Fixed inventories being broken after being jailed
  • Fixed jail clothing issues
  • Fixed doors being unlocked in prison after using cameras
  • Fixed shared vehicles not being cleared when selling property
  • Fixed exploit where dropping items would allow you to spam crafting
  • Fixed phone open while chopshopping


Important Information

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