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LSLA Changelog v2.53.1

Released 08/20/2021



  • Added barber face when editing
  • Added unique camera angles for different clothing areas
  • Added even more tattoos from the new DLCs
  • Adjusted boot animation to fix boat issues
  • Fixed Face Tattoo's
  • Added error message to license photos (large screen resolution)
  • Added system to match price of bitcoin item to real market value

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with stretchers spawning randomly (new trial stretcher added!)
  • Added ability to sell more fish
  • Fixed some clothing items
  • Fixed GLMC door size
  • Fixed PP19 gun ammo inconsistency
  • Fixed Tablet FX showing fx2, not fx
  • Fixed garage locations map wide
  • Fixed issues with stretchers
  • Fixed emotes in hotbar
  • Fixed BF Benito Buggy mods being removed
  • Fixed scavenging exploit
  • Adjusted chopshop car delivery message
  • Fixed Number plate changer at sandy shores


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