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LSLA Changelog v2.52.2

Released 07/07/2021



  • Missions - Added damage penalty for vehicles on mission complete
  • SACS Prisoner form for PT
  • Slight exterior changes to Los Santos Customs, added new repair area & cleaned existing area
  • Corrections now have the ability to toggle PT requests on and off for Police
  • Phoenix bank runs are now cash instead of dirty
  • Police Sonata handling changed (Civ version to be changed next week)
  • Police & Civ RS6 bodyroll changed
  • Changed cameras in garages and CCTV Cameras
  • Mechanics no longer require repair kits at mech shops
  • Added server restart announcements

Bug Fixes

  • Escaping cuffs exploits
  • Assign Vehicle is now fixed in E menu
  • Fixed being able to affect mission board while on mission cooldown
  • Fixed selfies not working on phone
  • Fixed subjob vehicle sirens not working


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