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LSLA Changelog v2.52.0

Released 06/09/2021


Hello All!

There has been a bit of a drop in patch note releasing, and its due to multiple things. The development team are currently hard at work, looking at some major systems, which means our ability to do small releases / fixes becomes limited. We have taken on some new Trial Developers:
- RamG
- Fliqqs
- Moose

These three newbies are going to be helping with a bunch of everything, so hopefully we can get more constant releasing out. These patch notes are a collection of things over the last 3 weeks. There are other things that have come and gone, like PD vehicles, Civ Vehicles, but I can't find any push cards about them (sorry!).

Like I said, we are pushing through with some big system changes, which we will continue to update you guys on! 

Special Mention Release:
Moved Speed Cameras to new locations!!!

Script Changes
Fixed Lumberjack lockerroom issues (by removing it!)
Fixed issues with selling certain fish types
Fixed mispelling in bugreport
Fixed Criminal Background Check
Fixed Joints Bringing you back from Death
Added /wanted for SADC
Cancel joint effect on full health

Vehicle Changes
Fixed Lexus SC430 Roof Glitching out
Fixed Phoenix Chargers hurt players and breaking randomly.
Fixed Lambo 1967 underglow not working on one of the sides

Map Changes
Fixed wool shed LOD issues


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