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LSLA Changelog v2.51.2

Released 04/28/2021



  • Fixed issue getting into owned vehicle and the engine turning off and back on
  • Fixed auto start
  • Fixed GPS transferring over characters
  • Make Mod Mech zone at Route 68 LSC Bigger
  • Fixed Neck Tattoos Missing
  • Fixed hotwire fail causing inventory to break
  • Fixed bug causing GPS to be used and put in boot, and the GPS staying open
  • Fixed people getting paid on character select screen
  • Fixed Truck Trailer only have 10kg storage
  • Fixed car trailers spawning sideways
  • Fixed fire extinguishers being empty when buying
  • Fixed issue where players would get prisoned on characters they arent jailed on, and not be able to leave
  • Tsingtao beer is now drinkable
  • Fixed issue where custom GPS's couldn't be deleted
  • Fixed driving school car not starting
  • New Underwater Scavenging Activity.
  • Added Vagos gang clothing


  • Added Quack Phone stores to Mirror Park, Paleto Bay, Route 68, Davis


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