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LSLA Changelog v2.51

Released 04/21/2021


Hello Everyone

This week we have multiple new features. Turns out last weeks patch notes never uploaded (even though it emailed me saying it did), so i've put this weeks changes first, and last weeks underneath that. 

This week we are releasing a local AI vehicle hotwiring script, and a new fishing leisure activity. We are also beginning to remove the current ID menu in the Page Up screen. 

Hotwiring Script

  • Any unowned vehicle (local vehicles, not owned) require a bobbypin, lockpick or advanced lockpick to hotwire. 
  • When you enter the vehicle, it will turn off, and you will be prompted to begin hotwiring (E)
  • If you press E, a minigame will start, where a progress bar will show up with a red box, and a number in it
  • When the blue line reaches the box, press the number thats in the box to complete a step
  • If you complete 4 steps, the car starts
  • If you stuff any up, the car alarm sounds and the vehicle won't be started. 


  • As you know, we are moving our old jobs out, and bringing in new ones
  • Fishing is an open job, however, at todays update, it is now a leisure activity
  • You are able to purchase fishing rods, and bait from bait stores around the map. 
  • There are 4 grades of bait (Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4), with Grade 1 being the worst, and Grade 4 being the best
  • The higher the bait level, the better fish you can catch
  • Once you have your rod and bait, craft them together to get a graded rod
  • You can then go to the beach, and use the item to begin fishing
  • After 10 - 50s, you will catch a fish, which can be sold at Fish stores

ID Menu

  • The ID Menu phase out has begun. At today's update, the only things that will still be in the ID menu are
  • Phone Number
  • Show ID
  • Show Badge
  • Show Rego

Everyone is required to have physical ID's on them for RP purposes. As of current, there are no laws about carrying licenses, however I will let Moogle and the DoJ make changes as they are needed

Script Changes

  • Added new hotwire unowned vehicles - Requires a makeshift lockpick to hotwire car
  • Added new fishing system
  • Removed components of ID Menu

Script Changes

  • Fixed ID Photo Issue
  • Fixed phone tracking blip in the middle of Sandy

Map Changes

  • Fixed Comedy Club interior invisible people bug
  • Fixed being able to walk through certain walls
  • Fixed invisible barrier at Casino


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