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LSLA Changelog v2.50.3

Released 04/09/2021


Hey guys

Here are the late patch notes for this week. We had more features but they have been delayed until next week, so stay tuned for that.

In regards to the server crashing, it was determined that the phone script was breaking the server. Essentially, we ran out of phone numbers. That has been fixed, and hopefully should fix server performance. 



  • Fixed server uptime
  • Fixed 911 utiliser location
  • Fixed OOTM BMW still showing in the vehicle menu (deleted)
  • Added feature to spawn chop shop vehicles at external location and require people to drive to collect cars
  • Fixed multiple job blips being under the floor
  • Adjusted vehicle damage multipliers for crashes
  • Fixed spelling mistake in license menu
  • Fixed player moved too far away notif after finishing searching
  • Fixed issue with benches
  • Fixed handcuffs making people walk around when dead
  • Fixed SAPF Radar picking up cars ages away
  • Fixed the one way shared vehicles would stay
  • Split GoPostal into county and city missions
  • Fixed issue where spawning a free bike could kill you
  • Fixed dirty money getting stuck in vehicle boots
  • Fixed issue where purchasing license you didn't own wouldn't charge you the price
  • Added check to see if player has relevant licenses before printing
  • Fixed issue where printing license in sandy would teleport you to city
  • Added cooldown on /cancelmission


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