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LSLA Changelog v2.50.1

Released 03/24/2021



  • Fixed gang tattoos restrictions
  • Fixed stolen vehicle not updating for cops
  • Added new boss menu permission for printing
  • Fixed boombox prop not playing sound
  • Fixed chopshop items not showing at times
  • Added RMS to the phone
  • Added new spawnpoints for jobs
  • Added RMS Vehicle blips


  • Magazines Fixed for Addon Weapons
  • M1 Grande set to Carbine with a 15 clip mag (Still takes 762)
  • Added Beanbag shotgun & ammo (Non-Lethal) (Gov Agencies Only)
  • New Addon Dog Peds for PD


  • New San Andreas Ranger Service Fleet & Job (Coming Soon)
  • Fixed Police Helicopter
  • New Lampadati Kokoda Custom
  • New Annie Elegy Custom


  • Extended current ID menu by a week - New removal date is 31st of March, 2021


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