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LSLA Changelog v2.49.1

Released 03/10/2021


Script Changes

  • Fixed on duty employees not showing all employees
  • Fixed not being able to add / remove uniforms through boss menu's
  • Fixed boss menu not being able to manage equipment perms.
  • Fixed issue where typing in the boot of a car would make you get out if you pressed F
  • Fixed /cancelmission not working
  • Fixed issue where the current player would have their subjob removed if another character had their subjob taken
  • Fixed phone not sending imgur link


  • Added check to see if player is still in chopshop vehicle
    • If you start a chopshop car delivery mission, and you get out of the car, you have 15 seconds to get back in before the mission ends
  • When the player receives the final destination, the tracker will cut out.

      Police and Chopshop:

  • Calls will now update without sending the notification in the top right regarding the call is updating. When the call starts, it will still show up/
  • When the player delivers the vehicle, the call will auto-clear

Stream Changes

  • Added Female Variants of custom shoes

Vehicle Changes

  • Added Phoenix Stinger
  • Misc Handling Changes

Other Changes

  • Clarification: If you go to the mission board, and all of them are locked, you can click a locked mission to replace it with a new one


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