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LSLA Changelog v2.48

Released 02/24/2021


Hello Again Everyone! Here are **today's** patch notes!

Key Changes

Prison Rework
Prisoners are assigned cells to which they can store items.
They can also complete tasks based on the schedule at the top of their screen to earn rewards like money, and time off their jail sentence

This is the start of a larger change to prison. We plan to expand this system further in the future in a few ways

  • Adding more missions (including "criminal" ones like shanking / drugs)
  • Tweaking rewards for completing missions
  • Visitation
  • Breaking out prisoner "heist"

Server Performance Upgrades
Many changes have been made to hopefully help with server performance regarding recent crashing. This includes changes to voice, so please be patient if there are unexpected issues.

New Civilian Vehicles
Today is the day where civilians get access to the new PD vehicles! We hope you enjoy!

Vehicles Added
BMW 530D
Mercedes-Benz E63s
Jeep Trackhawk
Toyota Rav4
Hyundai Sonata
Subaru WRX STI

Vehicles Replaced
Ford Mustang GT
Audi RS6
Toyota Supra

Other Changes

New Features
Debugging: Add /verbose to assist in bug reports
Inventory: Added second resultant item
Phone: Major performance upgrade to prevent server crashing
Voice: Major performance upgrade to prevent server crashing
Missions: Added chopshop mission variant
Missions: New mission variants for GoPostal
Vehicles: Replaced 94 Supra with new custom Toyota Supra

Bug Fixes
Injuries: Improved hit detection and reduced unknown prevalence
Drugs: Fix drug script which wouldn't load properly
Jail: Various bug fixes
Jobs: Fixed Highway Vehicles not showing up on PD Map
Map: Removed bus stops to fix the Music that the Lion on Jupiter was trying to play
Map: Removed new bus stops to stop crashing.

Map: Complete rebuild and optimization of city hall
AOP: Default AOP changed to map
Scripting: Multiple optimizations to reduce crashing during peak time
Script: Tattoos now have location for category and names
Interaction Menu: Change how chairs work in E menu
Ls_customs: Added mech location to add/test nos kits for Midnight Club
Map: Moved farming job board location and yeeted random exploding items from area
Vehicles: Re-work Police Focus
Clothing: Replaced textures on AF1 shoes in attempt to fix texture issue (Thanks @Ram G)
Map: New adverts for rolling signs in city.
Clothing: Replaced LTX Mask with Mutiny MC
Map: Added fishtank back to vu [ignore]
Vehicles: Removed Cars Not Used [ignore]


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