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LSLA Changelog v2.47

Released 02/17/2021


Hi Everyone. Here are last weeks patch notes which apparently were never released!

Key Changes

Police Vehicle Rework

Part 1 of the PD vehicle rework has been completed! This brings in a few new vehicles, and replaces some old ones. The goal of these vehicles is to use optimized models and textures to provide the best performance while retaining good quality. Head in game to check them out!


Full Changelog

New Features
Inventory: Added second resultant item
Roleplay: Added CCTV Cameras back to PAC Bank
Clothing: Added Additional Clothing Items

Multiple optimizations to reduce crashing during peak time
Jobs: Optimize tracked vehicles to reduce server crashing
Store Robberies: Added robbable location to Vinewood Plaza 24/7

Bug Fixes
Weapon: Fixed holster 146 changing style when pulling out
Verified Menu: Fixed reset ped settings health to 100 on reset
Progress Bar: Changed CSS to centre progress bar for all resolutions
Roleplay: Fixed BAC test
Queue: Fix incorrect queue skip application + better message format
Queue: Fix players without priority not being able to enter queue
Queue: Various fixes which prevented players from joining
Inventory: Adding various animation images for hotbar rather than text
Map: Vinewood hills and Vespucci beach car and ped spawning fixes
Map: Fixed hole on stairway 0705 Alta St


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