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LSLA Changelog v2.43

Released 12/26/2020


Hello all and MERRY CHRISTMAS! Here is a culmination of what we have been working on over the past 2 weeks!


  • Police now specify a reason for a vehicle impound, to easier track who seized / impounded a vehicle and why
  • Added a weapon draw animation to the Viking and battle axes
  • Added snow for the month of December
  • Added effects when crashing your vehicle, depending on the severity. This includes motion blur, blackout effects and temporary disabling your vehicle

Introduction of the Web Panel!

  • The web panel will be a means for players to access game functions from their web browser, or even phone at https://app.fatduckgaming.com/
  • You will be prompted to set a password for your account when you log in, which is used to sign into the web panel
  • Right now, it is primarily used for new staff tools, however it will be where many in game / forums / discord functions end up
    • Weazel News
    • Business Panels (replacing discord / boss menu / google sheets)
    • Ban appeals
    • In and out of game reporting systems
    • Account Management
    • Car Sales (no more selling on twitter!)
    • Property Viewing and sales
    • Much more!
  • The police also have this snazzy new MDT known as COPS (Core Operational Policing System)
    • Allows cops to search for people, vehicles and see details, mugshots
    • This allows the police to conduct more in depth RP, stepping away from constant shootouts.
    • The idea is to encourage cops to conduct investigations, take notes / mugshots.
    • It is available through both in game, and through the web browser panel
    • It even logs in automatically through game

Changes / Tweaks!

  • Changed vehicle tow requests
    • Requests are automatically deleted from mechanics when the vehicle is no longer within 25 meters of the call. This is to avoid going to a call and having no vehicle there
    • Requests are cleared when towed by other mechanics, including from other companies!!!
    • Requests which are older than 45 minutes are automatically cleared, and the vehicle automatically deleted (not impounded or seized, only deleted from the world)
  • Drastically tweaked the off-road script to really punish cars going off-road
  • Seized vehicles must be collected
  • Adjusted the sensitivity of the speed radar
  • Massively upgraded ban evasion detection and anticheat. Hopefully more secure than ever!
  • Tapping X will cancel animations without putting hands up
  • Entering the water while have hands cuffed (or in ragdoll) will no longer instantly kill you
  • Tweaks to staffing systems to improve in game issues
  • Bans / warns / timeouts are no longer globally announced to the server

Bug Fixes!

  • Fixed the changes to the off-road script which made cars not reset when driving on road
  • Fixed COPS being accessible on civilian characters
  • Fixed ejection off motorbikes
  • Fixed the interaction circle (center white circle for the E menu) getting stuck on your screen
  • Fixed doors periodically not locking
  • Fixed ATMs not showing the display, and taking a long time to trigger the 3D text
  • Fixed heaps more things that I am too lazy to write!


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