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LSLA Changelog v2.42.5

Released 12/10/2020


Script Changes

  • Fixed issue not letting people sell hunted goods
  • Fixed no bonuses at Valhalla
  • Fixed issues with vehicles not spawning properly
  • Fixed No GPS blips for phoenix vehicles 
  • Fixed Patch kits not working
  • Actually Fixed Phone Tracking
  • Added animations to tasks
  • Added more props when you drop certain items

Stream Changes

  • Added new item logos
  • Added new super secret items (christmas)

Vehicle Changes

  • Custom sounds added to: LW GTR, R34 Skyline, RX7, LW Huracan, Performante, Murcielago, Diablo, Supra
  • New Horns = Roleplay


  • Handling Updates
    • Police:  BMW 530D, BMW M4
    • Civ: McLaren 720s
  • Loading Distance Fixes
    • Police: BMW 530D, Volvo v90
  • Vehicle Added
    • Phoenix: Toyota Landcruiser

Map Changes

  • Added Christmas Decorations and props



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