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LSLA Changelog v2.42.4

Released 11/08/2000


Hi All. Here are the release notes for today's update!

Script Changes
A substantial amount of time over the past few weeks has been dedicated into optimizing some of our code, in order to increase FPS and stability while playing.

  • Increased server slot count to 200
  • More tweaks to missions in preparation for release
  • Adjust position of the chat window to relocate up slightly
  • Add error messages when having vehicle spawn issues
  • Added a new mechanic, FlyWheels!
  • Added some new robbable stores
  • Added an in vehicle display for dispatch
  • Added functionality to use stripper poles....
  • Reworked job vehicle blips for PD, EMS and security. They are now global and have a callsign attached!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed radius pay (finally!)
  • Fixed knockout issues
  • Fixed an inventory duplication issue with weapons you were holding
  • Fixed civilian phone tracking
  • Fixed boss menu equipment

Map / Vehicles Changes

  • Massive optimizations to many textures
  • Map cleanup
  • Fixed clothing items for certain gangs
  • Added sledgehammers and bonesaws
  • Large progress on PD vehicle rework


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