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LSLA Changelog v2.42.3

Released 11/04/2020


Script Changes

  • Fixed tazer consuming pistol mags
  • Fixed ability for people to duplicate job vehicles
  • Possibly fixed issues with mods not sticking to cars (Work In Progress due to FiveM updates)
  • Possible fix to cars not appearing for everyone (Work In Progress due to FiveM updates)
  • Added new progress bar scripts
  • Changed Mechanic RP
    • Mechanics can only repair in repair zones
    • Vehicles needing repairs outside of these zones must be towed / taken to a zone to get repaired
  • Added new /rpcrashes system
    • You can use /rpcrashes to add realistic like crash effects when in a vehicle
    • Different scaled crashes have different effects on the person
    • Passengers also experience the RP crashes (if they turn it on)
  • Fixed vehicles not showing up in Valhalla Dealership (Vehicle spawn is blocked)


Stream Changes

  • Resized / optimised textures on clothing (yay, performance!)
  • Added a heap of new female clothes
  • Added various clothing pieces
  • Introduced new PD Clothing Items (tac, AFP)
  • Added new EMS Clothing Items
  • Created new items for RP purposes (Announcement Pending)


Map Changes

  • A lot of optimisation map changes
  • Added / removed minor things


Important Information

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