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LSLA Changelog v2.42.2

Released 10/24/2020


Hello everyone!

A few small changes today, nothing too major. 

Script Changes

  • Fixed /inspect for vehicles
    • All modifications now show
    • Vehicle health is now an easily readable percentage
    • Fixed issue causing inventory to wipe when dead and pressing E, but not selecting a hospital
  • Fixed issues with phone tracking
  • Fixed exploits with phone tracking
  • A few minor database modifications that will help to reduce client lag!
  • Refinement of database to improve UI speed and overall performance!


Stream Changes

  • Added shirt variants
  • Added Converse MVP weapon shoes
  • Added suits
  • Added new clothing items
  • Added new female hairstyles
  • Re-planted new trees around Mt Chilliad and the Lighthouse
  • Added Nightclub Interior (Moved Omega)


Vehicle Changes

  • Added new Toyota Hilux Liveries
  • Added new police liveries
  • Removed McLaren P1 (soon to be replaced)




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