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LSLA Changelog v2.42.1

Released 10/17/2020


Hi All!

Here are the bug fixes and feature changes for the past 2ish weeks. There have been minor changes made that haven't made it to patch notes, however we are making a list of changes that have occurred recently!

Script Changes

  • Fixed pistol whipping
  • Fixed wallet exploit resulting in free money
  • Fixed SNS damage issue
  • Fixed cars appearing as being in other garages and requesting tow
  • Fixed being TP'd out of houses when robbing (bandaid)
  • Fixed Grove store ltd robbery
  • Fixed issue with door not opening when unlocked - MRPD
  • Fixed issue with rego check not showing owner
  • Fixed impound not taking money
  • Fixed vehicle rego and plate changer
  • Fixed boot issue causing entire game freeze
  • Fixed issue with owned cars saying you dont own them
  • Changed dispatch so PD tow requests create a new call instead of updating
  • Spelling error in Verified Menu
  • Added Holster 146 and 147

Stream Changes

  • Reduced Double action and Heavy Revolver Damages
  • Fixed house wall issue causing people to fall through map

Vehicle Changes

  • Fixed Ruiner6str cosmetic mods not showing up/sticking to the car
  • Fixed HSV GTS No Headlights

New Features
Added Real Estate Agent with house management features:

  • Added ability to view Owned Houses
    • Can see address, price of house    
    • Have the ability to re-list house, clearing owner details and charging 20% of list price
    • Have the ability to Transfer Ownership, updating owner details with new details, charging 10% of list price


  • Added ability to view un-owned houses
    • See all houses that aren't owned
    • Ability to see price, garage space
    • Ability to set GPS to chosen house
    • Ability to view additional information regarding house
    • Capacity
    • Roommate Limit
    • Garage
    • Type of house

Phone Tracking Re-Haul

  • Phone tracking is now ping based
    • Have the ability to enter a phone number
    • Choose how many times the location will update (50k per ping)
    • Maximum of 10 pings
  • Pings will update every 7s on the map, and will clear after 7s.
  • The more pings you purchase, the less chance the person being tracked has of being told they are being tracked.
  • Fixed issue with phone tracking regarding having a phone
    • Phone tracking re-work allows for easy hasPhone check
    • Less chance of breaking, in contrast to now, which has a higher chance of tracking if the player doesn't have a phone

Phone tracking has moved! Use the hint below to try and find it!

Bank robbers at West Hawick didn't get away. Took an L up the road.


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