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LSLA Changelog v2.41.0

Released 09/20/2020


Script Changes

  • Fixed bug report submit button not showing
  • Fixed trailer not storing and disappearing
  • Fixed being able to call wanted people without phone
  • Added new walks and peds to verified menu
  • Added New Store Hold Up Locations - Find them IC
  • Wool collect location moved into new shed. 

Weapon Changes

  • "Toy Lightsabers" - Do no damage, but careful if you kick. 
  • New Illegal Grade Weapons 
  • Weapon Bash removed from all firearms.

Stream Changes

  • Optimisation & Complete Rework of EMS & PD Clothing
  • New Clothing Items

Vehicle Changes

  • Optimisation of Civ Vehicles
  • Optimisation of Job Vehicles
  • Updated Handling:
    • Phoenix Mustang
    • Phoenix 300C
    • Dodge Demon
  • Fixed Mods:
    • Civilian Toyota Hilux
    • Security Toyota Hilux
    • and any other Toyota Hilux
  • New Vehicles
    • 2018 Honda Civic Type-R
    • 1930 Ford Tudor HotRod
    • 2020 Koenigsegg Jesko (LIMITED TIME)

Other Changes

  • Added images for new items/weapons.
  • Updated some Map Icons to better conform to style.


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