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LSLA Changelog v2.40

Released 09/02/2020


Hi All, here are the release notes for yesterdays (sorry)  update! 

We have been pushing updates almost every day, so this will simply be a culmination of all recent changes.


New Feature - Shared Vehicles

Added Shared Garages for Houses, people who have the keys to your house will now be able to access any cars you share with that household. (please note it still belongs to you)

  • Cars can only be shared with one Household.
  • To share a new car, go into the garage | Shared > Share New Vehicle.. > Click On The Vehicle you want to add.
  • To remove a car do the same as adding it.
  • The person who spawns the vehicle will have keys to it but it still belongs to the person who shared it.

New Feature - Blackjack

Added a new game to Diamond Casino, blackjack!

  • Blackjack can be accessed only at the Diamond Casino, in the table games room
  • Tables vary on minimum and maximum bet, with low and high roller tables to cater to all audiences
  • Seamless animations, sound effects and physical cards which allow people to play, but also watch other tables
  • Will be launched in an event soon!


  • Added Compass and Street Names to GPS

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed spawning at random locations
  • Fixed Security 10-99 and 10-32 Buttons Not Working
  • Fixed GPS Device sharing across characters
  • Fixed being able to toggle seatbelt outside of car
  • Fixed Mask removal loop
  • Fixed issue causing missing car in impound
  • Fixed health not saving on logout (spawning in injured)
  • Fixed not being able to use 10-99, 10-32, 10-11 with new police radar

Stream Changes

  • Many more map and clothing optimizations
  • Preparation for some vehicle changes and additions!


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