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LSLA Changelog v2.39.1

Released 08/14/2020


Hi All! Here are the release notes for this weeks update!

This is just a minor patch to fix a few issues from the previous update, as well as continued balance changes, this time to houses!

House Robbery Changes

  • Time to break into a house reduced by half
  • Lockpicks are only consumed sometimes when breaking in
  • Robbable locations within a house have been increased. They will be available every single time, rather than sometimes not being available
  • You can continue robbing a house even after being busted. However, this will notify the cops, increasing the potential for being caught. This allows for
    • Slow and methodical robbery, with much lower risk of being caught
    • Fast pace smash and grab, knowing cops are on the way

If these changes are still not enough, the next step will be to increase price of loot / the spawn rate. This is very much susceptible to changes over time

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed text format for drifting minigame
  • Fixed issue with vehicle patch kits which would not work in certain circumstances
  • Fixed lag / desync issues with the new PD radar (or old depending on how good your memory is)
  • Fixed issues with the impound lot
  • Fixed some issues with controllable neon lighting
  • Fixed some issues with nitro


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