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LSLA Changelog v2.39

Released 08/12/2020


Hi All! Here are the release notes for this weeks update!

This update marks the beginning of some large scale balance changes we are making to level the playing field for civs, PD and security companies. A large amount of focus will be shifted to balance for all aspects of the server. In addition to this, changes will continue to come out to help balance the server as a whole, such as the introduction of vehicle patch kits.

Exclusive Vehicles
To bring some excitement and change to the way we import cars, we have reintroduced the limited time vehicles. These cars will be on a 2 week rotation and all vehicles will be permanently released after a short period of time, of at least 2 months.

Balance Changes
Police Changes

  • Implemented a simplified SOP overhaul to allow more freedom for roleplay within the police force. The goal will be to allow cops to have characters, and not just be robots.
  • Added restrictions for armour and 2 handed weapons authorization, to allow civilians and PD to be on a more even playing field during hostile RP. They will still be permitted to use it under certain circumstances, however should be less prevalent

Security Companies

  • Gruppe6 and Bearcat 10-99 alerts are now only internal & do not notify the SAPF
  • Gruppe6 and Bearcat will no longer be attending Bank and store robberies
  • Adjustments to weaponry and armour quantities available on bank runs, to compensate for SAPF no longer being involved
  • Increased the amount of money collected on bank runs, leading to larger rewards for civilians. We are balancing this such that robbing a bank truck is targeted towards groups. Guards will be heavily armed in most circumstances, and the whole situation is designed to be challenging and risky. Taking this fight alone / without gear and preparation will almost certainly result in death.
  • Gruppe6 and Bearcat can now perform ATM refills throughout Los Santos, Should a criminal get their hands on the ATM cannisters they may be about to break it open for ca$h. These runs are far less rewarding than bank runs, and are targetted towards individuals / small groups, who are not as armed. Risking high value weapons for ATM runs will simply not be worth it

Mechanic Changes

  • All vehicles marked for tow will now pay money (not just owned vehicles).
  • Impounded cars now reward $2.5k (down from $5k)
  • Added Vinewood Impound Lot
  • Added 'Tool Kits'. Purchasable at hardware stores allowing civilians to patch a car to 50% health. This will hopefully reduce the number of callouts, allowing civilians to head to a mechanic themselves for a repair. 
  • More tweaks are in the pipeline in case more changes are required.

Bank Changes

  • Whilst no changes have been implemented this week, we are currently looking into improving RP at bank robberies to make it more enjoyable for all parties.
  • This will include balance both from a "which side wins" perspective, but also making the experience more unique fun and enjoyable each time
  • Tying into the above security company changes, the 12 limit at banks will be more strictly enforced, as only 1 department (SAPF) will be at the bank

Script Changes

  • Fixed being able to pistol whip whilst in handcuffs
  • Fixed being able to sell drugs to dogs
  • Fixed ammunation targets not disappearing
  • Fixed getting stuck on call
  • Fixed SWAT cars not showing on PD map
  • Fixed dirty money deposit at PAC
  • Turned down lock sound on cars
  • Added ability for people to track phone numbers.
    • This will require a warrant for PD, and available to the civilians through a black market dealer (for a high cost)
    • Only tracks you if you have a phone on your person
    • Can choose between 3 accuracy levels, which decrease the search radius
    • You can only track a number once before it goes on cooldown
    • VERY susceptible to balance changes depending on how it gets used
  • Adding small repair kits to give car a small repair to get to a mechanic for a full repair. You can only patch a car once, after which you must go to a mechanic!
  • Fixed blips not disappearing when changing character

Stream Changes

  • Fixed windows not breaking for the 2016 Audi RS
  • Fixed Honda S2000 skin
  • Fixed handling on 1 of 5 Hotrod
  • Fixed Highway Livery
  • Added CIB jacket
  • Added Quokka lanyard & polos


  • Added 1971 Plymouth GTX
  • Added 1967 Lamborghini Miura P400
  • Added 1996 McLaren F1 GTR (limited time only)
  • Fixed Evo IX handling (rocked like a boat)
  • Fixed Focus RS window going black when dirty

Map Changes

  • Updated Large Power station (Removed Gates and made fences static)


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