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LSLA Changelog v2.38.3

Released 05/08/2020

Key Changes

More bug fixes woooooo!



  • Added logo's to NRMA building



  • Scenarios cannot be done inside vehicles and animations shouldn't cause you to fall through the world when inside a vehicle.
  • Speaking on the radio now no longer cancels animations, eg. Sitting Down.
  • Certain Stores are now locked to jobs.
  • Female Rifles now have a different sitting position.
  • If you earn no commission on a Invoice it will no longer say you earned 0% commission. 
  • Lots of new chairs added that you can sit on!
  • Vest toggle option added to clothing shop.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Chopshop Parts Exploit.
  • Fixed Accept Applications never getting removed.
  • Fixed bug where on character switch you could still speak on Locked Frequencies.
  • Fixed bug where items on the ground wouldn't have name or weight.
  • Fixed bug that would cause you to not be able to purchase licenses or show them.
  • Fixed bug where people would get stuck instanced when leaving instances.
  • Fixed bug where people would randomly Teleport when modding vehicles.
  • Fixed Certain notifications being blank.
  • Fixed scoreboard not showing Mechanics or Car Dealers.
  • Fixed bug where you would use a drug and it would still take the item even if it wasn't used.
  • Fixed bug where you would switch character but still be able to use your other characters house garage.
  • Fixed bug where items would go missing when multiple people would deposit at the same time.
  • Fixed /carry
  • Fixed Shooting Range not appearing.


Did Simon just move? 🦖


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