LSLA Changelog v2.36.2

Released 03/26/2020

Key Changes

Hey guys, here are the release notes for today's (26/03/20) hotfix! 

We are investigating long term stability issues, caused by a rogue memory leak somewhere in the server files which causes instability after a few hours of runtime. This patch should potentially fix that, however other server components may not work correctly such as the player list.


  • LSES 10-99's now go to bearcat and G6
  • Prisoner transport requests for police which go to bearcat and G6
  • iFruit, Perals, Tongva Hills shop map addons added
  • Vinewood PD interior added!
  • Tequi-la-la upgrades
  • Added some missing vehicles to the car dealer


  • Adjusted item weights for chopshop
  • Added benny's and LSC offices


  • Fixed an issue with queue which would prevent priority queue from working when discord API down
  • Fixed an issue with the pawn shop allowing infinite selling of items (again)
  • Fixed an exploit where changing skin would reset your health to full
  • Fixed keyboard triggering hotbar and E menu in the phone message screen
  • Fixed controller support for helicopters
  • Fixed door locks not syncing for new players
  • Fixed an exploit with dragging multiple of the same item from inventories
  • Fixed issue with the heavy pistol