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Released 12/02/2019

Key Changes

Key Changes
Hi All! Maniac here again, coming back at you with another small patch.

The development team has been taking a break lately but I thought I might come back and stir the pot a bit, so I have made a few changes after having a few discussions with members from the community.



  • Clothing stores now have Outfit areas for changing into your saved outfits!
  • Small message saying you are off duty when you try use your F6.
  • Added uniform changing blips to Paleto PD and Sandy PD.
  • Map Additions: Paleto 24/7 at Beeker's, Paleto Liquor Store, Lang Zancudo Fuel Station 24/7, Grove Street Liquor Store, Strawberry Gun Store.


  • Player characters hairstyles, eyebrows and makeup have been reset to allow you to use barber shops again, I apologize for the inconvenience! But I feel the ability to change this will be worth it.
  • Notifications location has changed and the animation for them as also changed.
  • Animation when giving guns to players.
  • Dispatch pings are now only one ring instead of 3, I guess I just like this better?? - Maniac
  • Map Changes: Golden Quay Pier  is Back, Little Seoul Gunstore is now a Petstore (pets not avaliable yet), Christmas has come early as always with some tree's added to key areas to start off the month.
  • DIspatch 10-11/10-32/10-99 calls via the shortcut keys now all have animations so that other players can identify whether or not the someone has utilised their distress signal in a situation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed controller conflicts with some menus causing people to need to restart their game.
  • Fixed phone numbers being 0, if your number is still 0 try reselecting your character :)
  • Crouching fixed and shouldn't cause anymore issues.
  • Renamed Wanted in MDT to display correctly.
  • Bug where people would get the message 'Searching for ID' stuck on their screen should be fixed.
  • Fixed Barber shop position.
  • Spikes strips are finally fixed, Left-Alt + Up Arrow.
  • Offline messages will now be sent to other players.
  • Map Bugs: No longer do players disappear inside new interiors. (if there are still any issues let bungle know which interior)
  • Distress signals can no longer be sent while dead.


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