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Released 07/03/2019

Key Changes

Hi All, here is the changelog for today's (3/7/19) maintenance (with a little extra) update!

Before we begin, I have 3 quick messages

1) We realise it has been quite a while since a proper content update. We are at the point now where new features are extensive and take lot's of time to custom make them for FDG specifically. These features include a fully revamped business system, some of which has made it's way to live already and will open up the opportunity for many more businesses. Also in the works is injury script, and many new civ jobs to slowly move away from the "AFK jobs" so many people hate.

2) I (kn0pee) will be away for a few weeks, and Oz is overseas so in the meantime @Maniac is the go to when the server explodes again.

3) FiveM have identified the issue with everyone turning into a generic white male, and are working on fixing it! You should come back soon ❤️

Now to the notes!

Vehicles / Stream

Civilan Vehicles:

- Headlights now work properly.
- Mustang GT now sounds like a V8.
- HSV GTS now can be lowered.
- Slight change to handling on GT86.
~ NEW 2016 DODGE Charger SRT~

Police Department:

- Fixed rear seats on the Ford Territory (city).
- Added new Kia Stinger model (city).
- Added new Landcruiser 200 series (city).
- New Offroad Bikes (for city and county).
- New Street Bikes (for city and county).

Job Vehicles:

- Gruppe6 got a vehicle update.
- 3 New mechanic vehicles.

Misc: - Loading screen now shows all current Staff Members.


Property Script

Released for all to use! Landlords will be auctioned soonish (maybe a few weeks)

- Fixed not being able to add balance
- Fixed rent not being taken
- Owned properties now marked on map
- Storage fixed
- When renting you get sent to the apartment (visiting available apartment feature coming soon later)

Bug Fixes

Forgive me for not listing every bug that was fixed, there was too many

- Fixed /d /t and /h commands. These will now work all the time no matter if there is already people in the car
- Repairing, cleaning and other vehicle related features should be 100% more consistent, and work no matter who is in or was in the car
- Updated server files, there should be waaaaaay less crashes now
- Fixed EMS cars not locking, also they get paid now!
- I'll probably add more later


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